About Ansett Animation

Ansett Animation Studios commonly referred to as Ansett or Ansett Animation is an Simmer fan animation film studio based in Australia that is a subsidiary of RomerJon17 Productions.

Ansett Animation began in October 2018 to create non-maxis animation powered by Blender 3d, and focus on rendering photographs, Machinima films and short films in The Sims 4 produced by Electronic Arts and Maxis.

The name Ansett was known as the iconic and major Australian airline “Ansett Australia” based in Melbourne. Over 66 years operating, Ansett was placed in administration in 2001 following a financial collapse and subsequent organised liquidation in 2002.

Anset4Sims retired creating Machinima and building videos in The Sims 4. Ansett Animation took over Ansett4Sims and kept the word “Ansett” alive with Ansett Animation Studios.